Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug Coverage

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We all know that prescription medications can be pricy, costing hundreds of dollars a month or more depending on your state of health. Medicare Part D is also known as prescription drug coverage, and is designed to help seniors lower their prescription drug expenses and protect against future costs. Private insurance companies that have been approved by Medicare may offer NYC Part D prescription drug plans. If you are already enrolled in original Medicare, you may add NYC Part D coverage as well. If you already have Medicare Advantage Plan insurance, chances are your prescription drug coverage is included.


If you have any questions regarding your eligibility or how to pay for Medicare Part D, the agents at Senior Healthcare Benefits Group are glad to help. Your coverage can vary depending on your chosen plan, the prescription medications you use, your plan’s network and more. We will help you compare Part D plans and prices to ensure you have the best-fitting plan according to your needs.


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